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NEW Penny Lane Organics Natural Skincare

Did you know?

All of my natural skincare products are handmade with simple & natural ingredients only, and any packaging in your order can be upcycled, reused or recycled - Yay!

Also, all products in my Eco-Friendly collection are items that I love & use myself and want to share with you. They are also ALL made by Canadian businesses too!

I choose to support other small business, and as local as I can, so you can feel good knowing that each purchase you make not only helps our beautiful planet, but also helps Canadian small businesses too :)

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  • Reviews

    Girl, your products are a 10/10 the body scrub literally melted into my skin, so gentle yet I got the perfect scrub. And your Glow Serum is seriously amazing, poor skin needed it - Anon

    Sugar Scrub 
  • Reviews

    I love it. I sweat ALL day... I only put it on once and I never smell - Vanessa

    Natural Deodorant 
  • Reviews

    My favourite toilet bowl cleaner are the Toilet Bombs from the Sunshine Mama. I love these, they are the only thing we use now - Jess

    Toilet Bombs