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Natural, eco-friendly skincare products that are good for you & good for the planet.

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Christmas Gift Box Preorders

Preorders are available November 1-30.

Orders will be ready for pick up/delivery/shipping the first week of December.

If you need your order sooner, please add a note to your order or send me a message.

Good for You; Good for the Planet

I am so proud to say that all of my products are handmade with simple & natural ingredients only. (It's true! Be sure to check out the ingredients.)

I use eco-conscious packaging, and I also have zero waste options too.

I go a step beyond and all orders are packaged using materials that are upcycled and/or reused.

Want your jar refilled with your fav products? Just send me a message!

All ingredients are eco-friendly, and all packaging (glass jars, tins, tissue paper, paper bag, etc) in your order can be upcycled, reused or recyled - creating a truly zero-waste, earth-friendly purchase.

Please do your part - reuse & upcycle as much as you can, and recycle anything left.


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  • Reviews

    Girl, your products are a 10/10 the body scrub literally melted into my skin, so gentle yet I got the perfect scrub. And your Glow Serum is seriously amazing, poor skin needed it - Anon

    Sugar Scrub 
  • Reviews

    These 3 products are LIFE right now!! Glow Serum is rehydrating and giving me a natural glow! Mermaid Spray has made my hair super soft and smooth. The Lip Oil has hydrated and renourished my lips! - Mandy

    Glow Serum 
  • Reviews

    Thanks Sunshine Mama for the BEST SMELLING beard oil for hubs. - Jess

    Beard Oil 
  • Reviews

    I love it. I sweat ALL day... I only put it on once and I never smell - Vanessa

    Natural Deodorant