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The Sunshine Mama

Stain Remover Stick

Stain Remover Stick

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Our eco friendly Stain Remover Bar works effectively at removing stains from clothes and a variety of other surfaces. The best zero waste alternative to dissolve the toughest stains like coffee, blood and grease! A must-have for sponge cloth lovers.

Even the most stubborn stains are washed away! After applying the soap and leaving 10-20 mins of soaking, stubborn oil on kitchen hoods, counters, car seats, carpets, walls, all of them can be treated with this biodegradable coconut oil soap enhanced with washing soda.

Simple, Natural Ingredients

Coconut Oil (sodium cocoate) - creates hard soap bars with fluffy, stable lather

Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) - an alkaline medium, ideal to remove unwanted, insoluble stains

Water (aqua)

Lye* (sodium hydroxide) - an alkali that is required for soap making and is eliminated in the saponification process

How to use

Works best with hot water:

Dampen stain with hot water, rub stain remover stick over stain. Let sit for a few mins. Then rub fabric together and rinse clean.

Cut or scrape off a little of the bar and throw in with your regular wash, it will energize your laundry load.

Clean your shoes or remove the dye transfer of your leather jacket or purse.

Melt in hot water and just spray or rub on surfaces (kitchen hood, carpets car seats) to get rid of stains and grime.

Rub and wash away builds up on your nylon jacket around the cuffs.

Removes mold from surfaces, especially in your fridge.


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Please always read ingredients and test products on a small area of your skin before use.

Do NOT consume; for topical use only.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Use caution around children/pets/anyone who may be sensitive to scents.

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